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A porch is a covered structure attached to the front of a building or house. They are typically open-air and have a roof that provides shade and protects the entrance from rain and other elements. Porches usually have a deck or flooring made of wood, concrete, or other materials and are often decorated with chairs, tables, and plants.


Purposes of the Porches:

1. Provide a welcoming entryway: Porches create an inviting area for guests to gather before entering a house. They can also be used to create curb appeal and add to the aesthetic of a home.

2. Expand living space: Porches can serve as outdoor living spaces and provide additional space for activities like dining, relaxing, or entertaining.

3. Increase property value: Porches can add value to a home and enhance its resale potential.


Steps to Make Porches:

1. Design and plan: We design and plan of the porch are usually created, taking into consideration the style of the house and the desired function of the porch.

2. Obtain necessary permits: Depending on your local building codes, we take permits before construction.

3. Prepare the area: We clear the required area of any weeds, rocks or debris.

4. Build the foundation: A foundation is built for the porch, typically made of concrete or stone.

5. Construct the framing: The framing is constructed using wood or metal and secured to the house.

6. Install the porch decking: The decking material is installed over the framing, creating the flooring of the porch.

7. Add finishing touches: The porch is finished with features such as railings, lighting, and decorative elements.

We take every required step for the construction of a comfortable home by using different materials depending on your preference, such as, wood, metal or concrete.

Types of porches:

- Open porch: A roofed structure supported by posts or columns and does not have walls. It is suitable for outdoor sitting areas, entertainment, and relaxation.

- Screened porch: Similar to an open porch, but the porch is covered with screens to protect from insects and weather elements.

- Wrap-around porch: A porch that extends around two or more sides of a home, suitable for larger homes and provides ample space for outdoor activities.


Benefits of choosing a reputable porch builder like New Images Porches:

- Expertise: A reputable builder like us has the skills, knowledge, and experience to construct porches that meet local building codes and regulations.

- Quality materials: We always use high-quality materials to ensure the durability and longevity of the porch.

- Customization: We can tailor the porch to meet the specific needs and design preferences of the homeowner.

- Efficient project management: New Images Porches with experience can manage the project effectively and complete the work on schedule.

- Long-term value: A well-built porch adds value to the home and can enhance the home's curb appeal.


Porches come in different types and styles, and building a porch with a New Images Porches provide homeowners with expertise, quality materials, customization, efficient project management, and long-term value. Please contact us for no obligation free quote to meet our experts to discuss further.